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Bill Lipuma founded Lipuma's Coney Island in 1969. After successfully opening six restaurants in the Metro Detroit area, Bill wanted to go where no Coney Island went before, good ole' Rochester, Michigan. Bill found a location in the heart of Downtown Rochester on the Paint Creek River, where you can hear the ducks quacking.

Bill has not only created a landmark in Rochester, but a joint with personality, and most importantly, soul. The one word Bill uses to describe his immense success with Lipuma's ... is "family." 

After about 30 years of opening his business, Bill passed on the restaurant to his son, Tony Lipuma. Tony has been working at Lipuma's for as long as he could remember. He grew up with "greasy fingers" and has loved running the business since day one.

Tony's sense of humor, humble attitude, and friendly nature is another reason customers visit this establishment ... On top of the delicious food, of course! He has carried on his father's success by winning multiple awards and honors. 

The Lipumas want their customers to receive a sense of belonging when visiting the Coney. You're considered part of the family when you visit Lipuma's Coney Island more than once! If you have not been to Lipuma's before, come see what this beloved Rochester landmark is all about, where there are no strangers, only friends you haven't met yet!

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